Advocacy and Assistance for Disabled

An ongoing or sudden disability of any type can cause tremendous stress and hardship in the lives of the affected individual and family. CSCGW is highly compassionate and committed to offering guidance  and advocacy to the disabled and families with disabled members to ensure the highest quality of care and life possible. In doing so we offer the following services:

Health insurance coordination

Our health insurance advocates investigate a patient’s current health coverage to ensure that referrals to rehabilitation centers, specialist, hospitals and any other relevant services are covered. When there is a conflict with coverage, our staff will quickly intervene to ensure appropriate measures are taken to provide a patient the best quality of care.


Case management

CSCGW provides close case management for disabled clients. Because disability cases require continuous care and are ongoing, our staff maintains a shadow presence in each case. We will ensure that doctor appointments are received, time sensitive documentation is appropriately received, coordinated services such as home health aides, transportation, home equipment or modifications, education providers and facility-based referrals are also appropriately received.


When cases arise in which a disabled is at risk of not receiving the care they need whether a result of a question of eligibility or systemic errors with coverage providers, our community health advocate intervenes to ensure that coverage is met. We will assist in appeals and fair hearings when appropriate.

Crisis Intervention

Obtaining emergency financial assistance is a hallmark of our crisis intervention specialists. We have many successful cases in which crisis stricken individuals are provided relief in the form of financial assistance where usual forms of government assistance is unavailable. In addition, CSCGW maintains a tight network of like-minded agencies who reach out and assist disabled with community based services such as entertainment , community integration and family assistance.

Transportation assitance

Our staff may coordinate transportation through our local service providers as well as through Logisticare, the official Medicaid transportation provider. NHTD/TBI waivers Nursing Home Transition and Diversion (NHTD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Waivers are two Medicaid waivers which allow for a cost-effective alternatives to nursing home care. CSCGW is a first step resource into these waiver programs. We assist in initiating the eligibility and approval process which, if not done accurately, can result in months of delay in a potential waiver case. Participants may come from a nursing facility or other institution, or choose to participate in the program to prevent institutionalization.