Elderly & Senior

Elderly and Seniors Services


Seniors Services

Baby boomers in the US represent 75 million people today. Approximately 10,000 of those are reaching the retirement age every day. Our Center has carefully designed and staffed our senior service program to reflect the needs of this rapidly growing population. Our services include ‘hand-holding’ assistance and advocacy with in home (including CDPAP) and institutional long term care, Medicare, Duals Eligibles( Medicaid-Medicare), Social Security and retirement planning. Our senior staff case workers stay well informed with various modifications to these programs - a result the Health Care Reform Act.

CSCGW staff is well versed with guidelines of available Homecare for elderly.  Our staff enrolls and refers to MLTC agencies, assist in requesting an evaluation, to start the process. If, after an assessment, eligibility is an obstacle our staff connects the clients to available programs geared towards protecting the Elderly and Disabled, so that they can further use the programs they need without the risk of losing their benefits.


Holocaust Survivors

Hassidic Williamsburg is home to one of the largest Holocaust survivor communities nationwide. Many are scarred both physically and psychologically and look to the community for full support. Our Center is highly devoted to ensuring that these precious elderly are provided sensitive guidance to ease them gracefully through these often  difficult years. We are dedicated to ensure that the survivors live comfortably in their homes and with their families with financial assistance from both city and private charity organizations offering a web of support including home care, companionship, entertainment, meals and group support.