Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has initiated important changes to policies affecting how people will receive health care. Many of these changes are already effective in both the private and public health care systems. Our goal is to guide clients through these changes and, therefore, allowing access to health care plans a painless process.

We are particularly experienced in handling complex cases that involve deep knowledge of these systems and strong advocacy skills. Our staff is well versed in Family Health Plus, Child Health Plus A /B,  Medicaid, Medicare and private health insurance plans.  We offer one-on-one assistance with the following:

  • Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care
  • Enrollment and disenrollment in all types of plans
  • Navigating a health plan
  • Advocacy assistance with grievances and fair hearings
  • Managed Long Term Care (MLTC)
  • Medicaid for the Disabled, Aged and Blind (DAB)
  • Medicare Saving Program (MSP) and Part A, B, C and D
  • Managing Medical Costs